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Bryan Tong Blog

Hello, welcome to my journey through technology, business ownership and life.

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  • Kado has been a framework of mine that has taken may transitions through a few programming languages. Maybe it's just a result of my own growth as a developer, but I really believe Kado impacts the future of software developers. ... read more
    Posted in General on 2021-07-21T04:07:55.000Z

  • I am proud to have been developing websites since 1993. I was working with Internet Explorer 3, what a rush! How about now though? ... read more
    Posted in General on 2021-07-06T06:29:34.000Z

  • I was going to write this article in sections before releasing it. However, it seems like that setting is not working. ... read more
    Posted in General on 2021-06-24T00:01:30.000Z