Why I Wrote Kado JavaScript

Posted on 2021-07-21T04:07:55.000Z by Bryan Tong. Last updated 2021-07-21T04:49:57.000Z

I started working on a computer with Word Perfect on the blue screen with a Tandy 2000. That being said, technology has came a very long ways since then. I was on IE 3 making HTML pages in 1993. I also remember the original web browser wars. Not that long, really, but feels like an eternity.

Why does this matter? Well, since this all started I have been in the pursuit of the same goal. Software has been to the moon and back since. There is code literally EVERYWHERE. I wish I could have perfected Kado earlier on, however, I was still learning and young to the craft.

I love to optimize anything I see. That's what really drew me into computers in the first place. Watching the internet develop in front of my eyes, I have watched the software do its best to keep up with a ground breaking pace of development.

I am going to write more on this article tomorrow. For now, to be continued!

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