Small Success in My Software Journey

Posted on 2021-06-24T00:01:30.000Z by Bryan Tong. Last updated 2021-06-24T00:22:01.000Z

Over the past 9 years I have been working on building a Cloud system that can do massive compute and massive storage. I took an unorthodox testing path which I think set all my projects back from a marketing perspective.

Today is a small success because we have finally taken a big step forward in having all our interconnected systems and interconnected projects move into a stable state.

This is exciting because we finally get to add features that I have been dreaming about adding for years.

Since this article is missing the background context for it to make sense. I will elaborate with a quick timeline.

  • 2006 Started as a professional PHP developer
  • 2008 Started designing Cloud control systems
  • 2011 Built a dedicated server billing system
  • 2012 Attempted Cloud storage in PHP
  • 2013 Switches to Node.js and abandoned most our PHP projects
  • 2015 Released a few key projects in Node.js
  • 2016 Learned that our Node.js projects needed a lot of improvement to match their PHP counterparts.
  • 2017 Started imaginging and designing a framework to eliminate the endless dependencies and headaches they were causing.
  • 2018 Broke ground on Kado 3 with the goal of bringing our existing production stack into a framework, call it a framework of frameworks.
  • 2019 Settled on the shortfalls of Kado 3 and its supporting packages. Decided on a new design that was based on how C and C++ had done things. Broke ground on Kado 4.
  • 2020 Released Kado 4 with a dependency free fully function framework allowing Node.js + Kado to make full applications.
  • 2021 Released a full scale billing system and two client portals written against Kado 4.
  • Recently we got to a point where all 4 projects are stable and running either fully or partially against Kado 4.

Wondering what I am talking about check out in order to learn about Kado.

Thanks for reading!

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